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Beitragvon Greeg979 » 03.11.2019, 13:59

Hi everyone.
My name is Greg, I'm Italian 40 years old and I'm a German devils supporter since I was a child. My favourite player was Andreas Brehme. I was born in Kaiserslautern because my father worked for American military services. I leaved when I was 1 so I don't speak Dutch. Sorry for that. I visited Fritz Walter Stadion when I was 17, great experience, great atmosphere, best fans.

I follow the team on internet and I'm really disappointed, I cannot trust what's is going on.
Could you please explane me what's the trouble?
Are the team going out of business?

What about future? Kaiserslautern don't deserve that situation.


Thanks in advance, othermore y would like to ask if there are some channel to see matches and goals

Best regards

Beitragvon alterBetzehase » 12.11.2019, 10:37

Hi Greg,

since noone answered your thread so far, I'll try to give my best. Sorry for an English, that is not the best one 8-)

Nice to have you here and good to hear, that the FCK has still some fans arround Europe or maybe the whole world.

We are still a huge club with a lot of power, but unfortunately the management in the past years got worser and worser. There was mistake after mistake what led to the 3rd German league.
On December, 1st there will be a members meeting with elections of the supervisory committee. This committee will then designate a new management (in financial and in sportingly side).
We will then, when we hopefully have a new and tough leadership, quickly need money and personell that can use this money for the right things. Currently we have an "investor", who did not invest so far. Maybe due to this chaos in the clubs leadership.

Hopefully we can all look into a better future for this lovely football club! :teufel2:

Best regards!

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